Monday, September 2, 2013

The Real Tooth Fairies - review & Giveaway ends 9-20

My girls love online games, fairies and books. The first fairy most kids learn about is one of their favorite fairies call the Tooth Fairy. My kids all love the tooth fairy and my youngest two are finally getting to the age they are finally experiencing what the tooth fairy does. They are very excited. So when we learn there was a book, and online adventure called the Real Tooth Fairies you bet my girls couldn't wait to check this out!

The girls get to make their own ME Doll when they register for free, and then enter a storybook world of educational fun with over 40 tooth fairy games and attractions. My girls love the games and I love that they are educational. They are easy to play and so much fun! There is even a boys sites so the boys are not left out which is awesome super hero style. We love the personalized letters that are delivered directly to their pillow while they are fast asleep. The books are gorgeous and have such great illistrations. We love to motivation ribbons for doing a great job taking care of their precious teeth. There are even great programs for your kids to become a part of. One of the favorite site activities is our kindness program, EVERY KINDNESS COUNTS, that inspires girls to pick kind acts to do in their families, as their tooth fairy cheers them on. We expect to have over a million kind acts recorded on our site by the end of this year!
Overall we absolutely adore this great program and product. It is so fun and it really gives them motivation and self esteem. I also love I can be part of it and really know what my kids are doing online and know they are staying safe and having fun. I would definitely recommend the Real Tooth Fairies.

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Anonymous said...

my favorite tradition is leaving the tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy.

Anonymous said...

my favorite tradition is leaving the tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy.

Unknown said...

The anticipation of what's waiting for them under the pillow in the morning is great! lexbaylor17 (at) gmail (dot) com