Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Care Bears: A Belly Badge for Wonderheart - The Movie on DVD Aug. 6- Giveaway ends aug. 30

Care Bears: A Belly Badge for Wonderheart 
On DVD Aug. 6th, 2013
Run time 65 minutes

In the magical world of Care-a-Lot, Wonderheart Bear wants to join the Cub Bouts, but it’s only for cubs with active Belly Badges. When she resorts to using the wishes from Care ‘n Share Charms to fake her powers, it leads to disastrous results. Her final wish accidentally lands her in the Moody Mountains in the center of a Stardust Storm! With the help of Grams Bear and her loving Care Bear friends, Wonderheart learns an important lesson about using the Belly Badge Beacon responsibly and discovers the joys of honesty and caring.     

Our Opinion:
We love the Carebears. This movie was fun, cute and entertaining. My kids loved it and so did I. I love the little lessons learned and how the Carebears work through their problems. This is definitely a cute kids movie and a must see so pick it up today at your local store that sells DVDs. Your kids will love it and so will you!

We are giving one DVD to one lucky USA reader.Yay!

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Sylvia said...

I like Grams bear best

VickieC said...

we like Cheer bear

Sandra VanHoey said...

I hope I have this right since it's my granddaughter that love it. I think it's Tenderheart bear

Stacie said...

Cheer Bear is my favorite.

Unknown said...

Cheer Bear has always been my favorite!