Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Comcast Xfinity on Demand Summer of Kids

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Being a mom of 6 kids going out of the house anywhere with them all can be a adventure. There has been times I had to take all 6 with me to doctor appointments and dentist appointments. It is completely crazy! Then top it off with taking that many kids camping or on vacation. Most people think am I crazy and I think probably haha. I must say though Comcast Xfinity On Demand Summer of Kids has been a huge help this Summer with everything we did!
What is this amazing Comcast Xfinity On Demand Summer of Kids thing I am talking about? Well it is this awesome program where you can download your kids favorite movies and shows onto you mobile devices like iPod, iPad, tablets, Laptop, etc. and then while your out your kids can watch them and it keeps them busy while your busy. This is great for long trips and for long doctors appointments. So you want to know more?
Comcast Xfinity has tons of Children's programming available on multiple screens and devices. We use it alot on our iPods and Laptop and Tablet. It is easy to use that my kids navigate through it by themselves. Best part is since I have teenagers, kids and toddlers there are shows for all of them. They can watch Dora, Blues clues, Nickelodeon, Disney and much more. This is wonderful for me!

Comcast On Demand's Catalog has over 1000 downloadable kid-friendly shows with Xfinity Digital TV and Streampix subscriptions. The Xfinity APP helps take the kid-friendly shows on the go during family trips or appointments or food shopping etc. This is great because we have been going camping, fishing and we have had alot of doctors appointments and still have more. Plus my niece is getting married soon and we will be driving 12 hours to go see her so this will come in so handy because there is only so much I Spy and counting cars and alphabet game you can play in 12 hours. We even tried coloring and other car activities but the kids get bored and watching their favorite shows keeps them entertained so they are not asking are we there yet? So where can you learn how to download this Xfinity TV Player APP well right Here.

One more great feature is Common Sense Media is integrated with Xfinity TV, providing a media ratings system based on child development guidelines so you can make informed choices about the entertainment you choose for your family. This means you can filter shows by categories like age and most-watched shows. I’m pretty picky on what my kids are allowed to watch even with my 12 and 14 year olds so I love knowing what they are watching and making sure they are not watching something they are not allowed to. So check out Comcast's Parental Control site to learn more about controling what your kids are watching.

So if you need a new way to entertain your kid or kids while out of the house, appointments, long trips, dinner out or whatever check out everything www.Xfinity.com/summerofkids has to offer you and your little ones. You will be glad you did! Also stop by and check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

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