Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sour Jacks, wants to treat you with a tricky challenge #SourJacks #Challenge

We love baking this time of year. My kids love helping and making their own spin on our fun treats. So when we got asked to use Sour Jacks and make a fun Halloween treat we couldn't wait to try them out.

We decided to make cupcakes and decorate them using the sour jacks. We had monsters, mario bros. cupcakes and more. My kids had a blast using these to make their special Halloween treats. Best part was eating the Sour Jacks afterwards. They were yummy and had four different flavors, Watermelon, berry, lemonade, and apple. The Watermelon were my favorite!

So pick up some Sour Jacks today and see what fun creations you can make with them or just eat them because they are so yummy. They are sold at most stores like Walmart and Target, Walgreens and etc. They will definitely make your day tastier!

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