Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bridesmaid for hire #review #book

Chance has blown me away again with another awesome romance book. So far I’ve loved everyone of his books and I keep saying I don’t see how his stories can get better but he shows me every time that they can and do get better. Bridesmaid for hire was a amazing love story!

Levi and Frankie’s story is amazing! Frankie had a tough past in the relationship department so she upped and changed her whole life and decided to be everything she wanted in a maid of honor. She started a wedding planning business and became brides bridesmaid if they needed her to be.  Doing this she met a bride named Val that she connected deeply with and became best friends with along with Val’s soon to be husband, only problem was she didn’t get along with his brother who was his best man. Frankie never gives up though but she is afraid of showing emotion.

Levi went through a horrible past relationship and lost trust in everyone. He came across as a devoted worker and awesome family member but grumpy and cold hearted. Frankie pushes all his buttons good and bad. Their connection and energy between them makes for a frustrating but fun and extremely sexy story that I couldn’t get enough of! 

I definitely recommend it if you love romance and love stories. There is so much hot sex scenes but not overly done. There’s a great storyline! It’s a great combination of fire and ice top with lots of fireworks! Get it today! Bridesmaid for hire

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