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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girly Baby Headband review

With 5 girls we have a lot of girl hair things from bows, headbands, flowers, korkers, barrettes and etc. I've tried to make some which I have and do but I love getting more for my girls. I also love them for my photography company also. When we got the cute crochet headband with the big white daisy all decked out with jewel and a little lady bug my girl were in awe. The first thing out of their mouth is I want to wear it first! So had to schedule who, what and when just for a hair piece go figure. I want to use it for my little teacup prop with my littlest one to do a photo opp ha ha but she has been up to photos lately darn.http://www.winkelf.com/girlybaby
I love the crochet black headband. It is so stretchy and fit every size head. It is adorable and doesn't make my girls sweat like the nylon ones. The flower is gorgeous. I love big flowers and to top it of with all the jewels and ladybug just really completes the look! It truly is adorable. It is gonna be a big hit at school I already know since flower are the new in thing at our school. So I'm gonna have to stock up on more for my girls. You should definitely go check out Girly Baby stuff! Girly Baby has hats, t shirts, onsies, hair barrettes, bows, personalized shirts, flowers, tutus, diaper cover and sooo much more! I could spend a fortune there if my hubby would let me ha ha. Check them out at http://www.winkelf.com/girlybaby