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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Office Max organization tips

Here is a great web cast I must share with you guys. It was a webcast with Peter Walsh on organization tips and I must say I learned alot! Go here http://www.officemaxsolutions.com/btsblogcast/ then sign in and watch it is about 40 minutes but definitely worth it!
Office max even sent us some awesome products and they are great especially now watching the webcast. It told me new ways to use some of the supplies.Everything was great! Office Max is a great store to get all your school supplies cheap.


lvlc said...

Nice! From Office Max?! Never thought of it... Thanks for sharing! I would love to conquer desk organization! I think that in my house.. is the only struggle we still have with organization!

Felicia said...

So cute!! You got the same stuff I did.. I love that owl clip board!