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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Its that time of year again (holidays) which means weight gain

So I have been struggling a lot lately. I just cant seem to get off the last 15 to 20 pounds in my stomach and thighs. I absolutely hate it beyond words. I have tried diets (cabbage soup diet, calorie intake diet, etc), exercise (low impact with my awful spine), pills , herbs and just cant get it off. OK ya I could stick with the exercise more I know I was doing it like everyday for 45 minutes a day for about a month and I don't really eat more than 1500 calories a day if I am lucky. I mean I might splurge from time to time for a candy or cookie or whatever but it isn't a daily bases. I have alot of medical issues that also doesn't help as well. But this time a year is hard for me because I like to dress up and look nice for the holidays and with my gut I don't. Now I am not severely over weight and most people look at me and say whatever you don't need to lose weight but I do. I am almost 130 and only 5ft 2in. All my life I was around 110. After my first child I was instantly back to 110 then my second I got back to 115 then it took 2 years to get back to 112. Then my 3rd child again instantly back to 112 then it went down hill after that. My 4th child I gain like 40lbs and after i got down to 125 after about 2 years I got down to 119ish lol. Then came along my last baby I only gain like 17lbs and so I was instantly back to 121. Then since then it has went up and down between 124 to 130.  So giving any day its between there. I am turning 30 this year and I am not having any more kids so I would love to be back to at least 115. It has really changed my moods and my self esteem. I hate my stomach that is the only part I wish was gone and tight. I went shirt shopping and really tried on like 50 shirt to buy like 3 I hated the way they fitted around my gut. 

I am trying but just need help I guess. I don't have the money to join any classes unless they are dirt cheap. I cant afford a gym. I do have a Wii and Wii fit and am thinking about getting a dance game and a fitness game but there are so many out there I don't want to spend $50 bucks and be a sucky game or fitness thing. So what have you guys found to help? Anything? What games do you use or like? Do you have a fitness video you use? What cheap equipment do you like and recommend like balls , bands, etc.? Any herbs or medicines over the counter you use and love? Any tips will be appreciated and I know I am not the only one fighting this battle so we would all like to know you succeeds and fails. I have had alot of fails!


Kite Koop Keeper said...

Make sure that the calories that you are eating are rich in nutrients and not empty. Make them more whole grains, fresh fruits, veggies, lots of fiber. A lot less on white breads and rices. Try to make things from scratch (it's cheaper anyway) and avoid processed foods. Make sure you eat enough and don't skip meals. I don't know if it helps or is in your budget but after not losing any weight for several months after the baby was born, I switched to a mostly organic diet and lots 10 pounds within a month (not doing ANYTHING else differently). Also, don't need to join gyms or do any of that to exercise. Make sure you do a few weight-bearing exercises (if you have dumbells, use them, if not, water bottles or gallon jugs or even your own bodyweight works, too). Pushups, crunches, supermans, dips, lunges, etc. And do a few plyos mixed in. Get on a good walking program (or running if your back allows it) with GOOD shoes. vary speed, distance, mix things up a lot so as to "confuse" your muscles. You don't ned to spend a whole lot of time, but do those things well. i have seen a lot of people say that they spent 1.5 hours or so on working out but when in reality they were not getting a quality workout. I would probably lose the same amt of calories in 20 minutes as they did in that amount of time. Anyway, those are my 2 cents. Hope it helps.

Val @ A Nation of Moms