Saturday, January 26, 2013

TOOP Lightning Tops next fun battle game

My son was huge with Beybladez and stuff like that. Him and his friends could play them for hours. Even my girls started getting it to them. So when I got the change to try out Toop Lightning Tops I jumped at the chance.

Toop Lightning Tops are a non-stop motorized spinning top that lights up with super-bright LEDs! You can even spin 2 tops on top of one another to make a top tower. You can spin one on your hand or spin them on any hard surface. They are offered in a variety of assorted colors and designs.

My husband and kids adore these. They loved turning the lights off and watching them spin and battle in the arena. They had a blast playing hours with these. My husband loves the mythological gods and loves that they use the names of them for the tops. It is all of their favorite new toys. We are already looking to buy all the rest of the Toop tops to complete the set.

If you have kids you definitely should check out Toop Lightning Tops. You will be glad you did and so will your kids. They make awesome birthday gifts and would look great in any Easter basket. So get your today!

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