Friday, June 28, 2013

National Safety Month tips and Masterlock Key lock review

Some of you might not know that June is National Safety Month but it is and for good reason I think. June is the month we are enjoying the outdoors, biking, camping and going on vacations.  I wish I could say the world is a safe place but it so isn't. There are thefts every second of everyday. So we need to protect ourselves from these predators. So here are some tips I can think of to help protect yourself and your valuables.

Tip 1:
Always lock your doors at home whether you home and definitely when your not. If you don't you are just making it so easy for people to come in and steal stuff.

Tip 2:
When your gone from home make sure your windows are shut, locked and put a stick or something in the track so they can't be opened!

Tip 3:
When on vacation make sure you do Tip 1 and 2 but also if you have animals or plants that someone is going to come care for make sure they check the doors and windows when they come plus a great thing to keep the keys for that person to get in is a Masterlock Key box. It can hold the keys on the outside door knob or utility box or whatever. You can give only that person the lock code to get the keys and it keeps them safe. It holds up to 5 keys for house or car in a convenient location for regular use Portable, over the door knob mount for convenience. Plus you can Set-your-own 4-digit combination for keyless convenience and increased security. It is 3-1/4" (83mm) wide and made from durable metal. Its Shutter door protects combination dials from weather, dirt and grime. This is definitely great to have. I love mine! It is definitely the greatest, safest, and sturdiest lock box I have ever used!

Tip 4:
Make sure to keep all important papers and valuable jewelry and etc in a nice fireproof safe locked box while not home. This not only protects them from robbers but from fire and more!

Tip 5:
Now for some self defense tips. Make sure when walking to your car you have your keys in your hand and ready!

Tip 6:
Always be AWARE of your surroundings! Pay attention to everything and everyone. The phone call can wait!

Tip 7:
Bike tip: when out riding your bike and you stop to run into a store or something use a bike lock even if its just for a few seconds!

Tip 8: 
Obvious one: Lock your car doors when you get out of it and when you get into it. Carjackings happen all the time even in public places. I heard of people sneaking in the back seats of peoples cars while your standing next to it pumping gas. So please lock the doors!

Tip 9:
When you are home alone or you have a babysitter at home obviously make sure doors and windows are locked but make your house sound and look like more than one person is home. Turn lights on, shut blinds, have TV on or radio! 

Tip 10:
Never just open your door to answer it. Look out peep hole or window to see who it is first. If you don't have that then ask through door who is it. If you don't know them you don't have to answer it!

These are just a few of many safety tips I learned in my self defense class but since I took that class I am more aware and alot safer! Safety is the most important thing and its really not that hard to do these few little things to prevent something bad from happening! Also head over to Masterlock and check out some of their great products to help keep your valuables safe like the wonderful Key box, the bike locks, door locks, gun locks ( which we use), Security bars for windows, and even personal safety products like pepper spray. So check them out!

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