Thursday, June 27, 2013

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition - Bootcamp arriving on DVD 6/25

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition - Bootcamp 
arriving on DVD 6/25

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition - Bootcamp is available on DVD June 25 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.  Powell will help get you moving to start losing with a program for every body and fitness level. Featuring inspiring past participants from the popular TV show, the program includes four fat-blasting workouts, each more challenging than the last. Once viewers have mastered the levels individually, they can utilize bootcamp workout plans to really take it up a notch! The Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition - Bootcamp will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.98. The new season of ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss” premieres Tuesday, May, 28

 Warm-Up: Set your body in motion and get your heart pumping with Chris’ signature moves designed to limber up for a fun workout.

 Level One: Begin your transformation and jump-start your metabolism with easy-to-follow exercises that get every muscle moving to start burning fat and calories.

 Level 2: Rev up the calorie burn and melt inches with this low-impact interval workout that challenges the body with five total-body exercises repeated in 45-second bursts.

 Level 3: Up the ante and the fat burn with a calorie-crushing workout that includes five mega moves that shred, sculpt and slim the body with four 20-second blasts each. 

Level 4: Get extreme results with four-minute circuits of hard-core exercises like Mountain Climbers and Squat Jacks designed to torch calories, obliterate fat and sculpt muscles.

 Cool Down: Calm your breathing and soothe challenged muscles with complete-body stretches and movements that protect and invigorate your body from head to toe.

My Opinion:
This is one of my favorite shows to watch. I am always amazed at the results at the end of the one year mark. So I was so excited to try this DVD. I am trying so hard to lose at least 20 lbs but with my back and fibromyalgia exercising is hard and painful so I loved that this DVD had 4 different levels of exercises. I also loved each section was only 10 minutes long so I can customize how long I can exercise. I also loved Chris he is so motivating and reassuring. He compliments you and kindly pushes you to do your best without making you feel guilty if you cant do any more. It's so awesome. This is the funnest exercise DVD I have ever done and my most favorite now! I have been doing it for a week now and love it! I definitely recommend it to all looking for a fun exercise DVD! Definitely worth it! So check out the Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition- Bootcamp today!

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